Belgafoil IN internal window tape is easy to apply and can be painted or plastered over.

It has a 25mm wide adhesive strip on one side that sticks to the window frame.  An additional air tight sealant is required to bond the window tape to the block. We recommend our prodomo BLUE air tight sealant.

Belgafoil IN is available in different widths of 100mm/ 150mm and 200mm.

Every roll has a length of 30m.


Required additional prodomo BLUE air tight sealant per 30m roll (based on our own experience)

100mm - 150mm width / 6 tubes of Belgaseal 310 / 3 sausages of Belgaseal 600



Water tightness:                        > 3,000mm / DIN EN 20811

Water vapour permeability:     SD = 39m 

Airtightness:                               a(n) ≤ 0.1 / DIN EN 1026

UV resistant:                               3 months