Belgafoil SA-L out - external window tape

Belgafoil SA-L out is a high performance window tape, which has been developed for the external sealing of the joints around the window frame. It is wind tight, breathable and fully self-adhesive.


The tape consists of a reinforced and air tight PP foil/ fleece combination. On the backside it has a high tack adhesive layer (IGT - Intelligent Glue Technology) on the full surface that allows a simple and completely hidden installation of the window tape without additional glue/ sealant to (almost every) smooth substrate. The topside has a very good grip to ensure a subsequent plaster coating.


The tape is available in two widths of 100mm and 150mm (on request).

Each roll has a length of 25m.



Carrier:                                 PP foil/ fleece

Glue:                                     acrylic dispersion

Weight:                                 ca. 345 gramm/ m²

Thickness:                             ca. 0.5mm

sd-value:                               ca. 0.04m

Water Permeability:           W1

Driving Rain Resistance:   >600 Pa

Fire Rating:                         Class E

EMICode:                            EC1 Plus