External Window Tape, 100mm x 25m




The external window tape has one adhesive strip for the permanent bonding to the window frame. There is additional Belgaseal mastic required, to stick the tape to the masonry.

The KONTEX® external window tape is breathable but water tight and has all required certs and approvals, coming from Germany.

The external window tape covers the joint between the window frame and the masonry on the outer reveal. It prevents the ingress of moisture, caused by driving rain. Also it creates a wind tight layer.

The KONTEX® external window tape has a special coating to allow to paint or plaster over.

An external window tape is essential in conjunction with external wall insulation.




Test results according to report 5115 / 7534-1 MPA Braunschweig, Germany

Water resistance test:                            passed / DIN EN 1928

Water tightness test:                              passed / DIN EN 1928

Water vapour permeability:                 sd = 0.07 / DIN EN ISO 12572

Fire behavior test :                                passed / DIN 4102-B2

Airtightness test:                                   passed / DIN 4108 Part 7



Window Tape, external


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