Internal Aluminium Window Tape

Compared to the most tapes of competitors, the KONTEX® window tape uses an aluminium layer instead of the plastic film to provide a higher water vapour permeability value. KONTEX® Aluminium window tapes are completely vapour resistant instead of vapour inhibiting, which is important whenever your building has a non-breathable external cladding (e.g. ETICS).

All tapes are certified according to the German Building Regulations.

The internal window tape covers the joints between the window frame and the masonry on the inner reveal. It prevents that dampness intrudes into the construction. According to the actual Irish Building Regulations (Part L), this kind of sealing is mandatory.

The KONTEX® Aluminium Window Tape for internal sealings  is easy to apply and can be painted or plastered over without any issue.

It has an adhesive strip on one side that sticks to the window frame. For the proper connection to the blockwork, you need our Window Tape Adhesive.

The tape is available in various widths.

Every roll has a length of 25m.


Required Window Tape Adhesive per 25m roll (based on our own experience):

  50mm - 100mm width / 4 tubes of 310ml Window Tape Adhesive / 2 sausages of 600ml Window Tape Adhesive

120mm - 150mm width / 5 Tubes of 310ml Window Tape Adhesive / 2.5 sausages of 600ml Window Tape Adhesive

200mm - 250mm width / 6 Tubes of 310ml Window Tape Adhesive / 3 sausages of 600ml Window Tape Adhesive


Test results according to report 5114 / 7524-1 MPA Braunschweig, GER

Water resistance test:               passed / DIN EN 1928

Water vapour permeability:     SD> 1500 / DIN EN ISO 12572

Airtightness:                               air tight / DIN 4108 Part 7




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