PICHLER 8-in-One® - the versatile sealing compound

PICHLER 8 in One® is a joint sealing compound on a silicone base, which covers the whole range for sealing applications.

We recommend it for the external sealing of windows & doors, sealing between glass & frame to increase the air tightness of windows and for sealing conduits to increase the air tightness of sockets & switches.


PICHLER 8 in One® is suitable for almost all areas of application, in particular for the areas of plumbing, roof construction, window sealing, all-glass façade construction, mirror glueing*, metal engineering, timber construction and tiling (including natural stone like marble and granite). 8 IN ONE® is suitable for bonding cover strips, baseboards, EPS panels etc.


PICHLER 8 in One® guarantees a maintanance free sealing joint with 10 years functional guarantee*.


We stock the sealant in clear, white and sanitary grey continously. Other colours are available on request.



Base material:                     Silicone, neutral cross-linking

Temperature resistance:     -60°C to +180°C (up to +220°C for up to 3 hours)

Processing temperature:    +5°C to +45°C

Shore hardness:                    approx. 30 (shore A, cured sealant)

Elongation at break:             400%

Skin Building Time:               8-15 minutes

Setting Time:                         2mm per day, 20°C / 50° rel. humidity)


UV resistance:                        passed

Emmissions:                           EC 1 (very low emmissions)