SEVi A100 Extractor Fan Unit

The SEVi A100 Extractor Fan Unit consists of an stainless steel hood, the pipe to cover the fan system and the special designed extractor fan with an integrated shutter. Whenever the fan is not operating, the shutter is closed to prevent drafts of cold air.


You get the complete system, consisting of extractor fan unit, telescopic pipe for up to 480mm wall thickness and stainless steel hood including protection trap agains drafts.


Choose between different options to control the fan system:

1. On/off runs the Extractor Fan System on an external switch.

2. The Humidity switch controls the operating of the System by measuring the humidity in the room.

3. The PIR Motion Sensor switches the Extractor Fan on, as soon somebody is entering the room.


The diameter of the extractor fan system is 100mm. We suggest a core drilling of 110mm -120mm or the usage of our mounting aid for a sound proof and well insulated installation.


SEVi A100 extractor


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