SEC-20 BF Control Unit


The SEC-20 BF Control Unit operates up to 6 SEVi Ventilation Units.

The fan speed is adjustable in 4 different levels and the operating mode can be switched between heat recovery ventilation and permanent ventilation (without heat recovery).

An integrated filter change indicator reminds the user to change the filter within the recommended intervals.

The snooze function switches stops the system for 60 minutes, to allow sensitive persons a comfortable falling asleep.

The built-in humidity sensor enables an automatic control of the connected ventilation system, based on the humidity level of the room where the SEC-20 BF is installed.


The SEC-20 BF will be delivered with a double frame as standard and can be mounted either horizontally or vertically.



SEVi SEC20 Control Unit


  • 1.5 kg
  • Available
  • Delivery within 8-10 days