Air Tight Gun Grade Foam, B2 rated, 750ml


Compared to our standard foams, the Air Tight Foam is a flexible foam with mainly closed cell structure.

It is the perfect soulution to seal movement joints in the building structure permanently.

  • Good thermal conductivity (λ= 0.035W/m²K)
  • High sound proofing performance (≥ 63dB, tested on a 10mm wide joint)
  • Fire Rating Class E (B2)
  • sd value = 0.4 (tested on a foam layer of 19mm thickness)
  • usable from -10°C to +30°C
  • temperature resistant from -40°C to +80°C (+100°C for a short period)
  • white colour

Approved quality foam from Austria.


Air Tight Foam, 750ml


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