BelgaTape GREEN, internal air tight tape, 60mm x 25m


Belgatape GREEN is an air tight tape for the permanent bonding of the overlaps for all air tight and VCL membranes of the Belgaclima range, as well as for the permanent airtight selaing of the joints of timber boards (e.g. OSB or plywood). Belgatape GREEN is weatherproof, durable and highly elastic



Carrier:         PES/PVA reinforced PE film, green

Glue:             acrylic dispersion

Liner:            siliconised paper


Temperature Resistance:      -40°C to +80°C

Processing Temperature:      +8°C to +40°C

Storage Temperature:            + 10°C to +25°C (ideally 20°C)

Belgatape Green, 60mmx25m


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