Vapour Control Membrane Active 3, 1.5x50m, CE certified



Active 3 is our stronger Vapour Control Membrane with better performances regarding tear resistance, elongation and tensile strength.

The Active 3 Membrane is made of 3 layers: 2 polypropylen non-woven fabric layers whilst the special functional film is protected in between. This layout creates a heavier membrane, which is more resistant against tiny penetrations (e.g. splinters coming from the timber cutting).

Because of its stronger performance, we recommend the Active 3 Membrane whenever glass or mineral wool has been installed upfront , for all types of blow-in insulation, e.g. cellulose insulation and for flat roof areas, where the membrane sits on top of the plywood sheeting. It´s also suitable for wrap around the open ends of hollow core ceiling slabs.

The low sd coefficient of 8 makes the membrane diffusible - a small amount of vapour is able to move through the membrane both ways. This feature prevents condensation in the building structure.

The Vapour Control Membrane is CE certified and tested in accordance to EN 13984.

Beside the vapour control function, the membrane is completely airtight.


Please use our airtight tapes Green and Yellow for the proper taping of the membrane.

To achieve the best airtight values, we highly recommend the use of double sided tapes, e.g. our Double Sided Standard Tape or  Double Sided Butyl Tape for the fixing to the joists and rafters. Alternatively our Nail Sealing Tape could be run on top of the installed membrane, to cover all joists and rafters.

Dimension: 1.5 x 50m / 75m²

sd value: 8

Vapour-permeability: 2-3 g/m²/24h

Weight: ~120 gr. /m²

Water Tightness: W1

UV Resistance: up to 2 months

Weight per roll: ~9.0 kg



  • 9.5 kg
  • Available
  • Delivery within 1-3 days