Vapour Control Membrane Active 3 - stripes for ducon slabs & partitions


Because of the high strength of our membrane, we offer pre-cut stripes for wrapping around ducon slabs or to seal above partitions.

Compared to the most competitors membranes (SIGA, pro clima, Isover, Gerband sd2), our Active 3 Vapour Control Membrane has a non-wooven film at the top and bottom, which covers the functional film in between these two protection layers. That´s why we can sell our membrane without any doubt for difficult applications like wrapping around hollow core ducon slabs or installing above partitions.

We offer 2 different widths - 350mm for partitions and 750mm for ducon slabs. Each roll has a length of 50 meter.

For the taping of overlaps and junctions, we highly recommend our double sided tape.



Technical specs:

sd value: 8

Vapour-permeability: 2-3 g/m²/24h

Weight: ~120 gr. /m²

Water Tightness: W1

Air Tightness: passed

UV Resistance: up to 2 months




  • 3.5 kg
  • Available
  • Delivery within 1-3 days