Thermal insulation bracket for windows & doors, Passive House certified


All construction related parties are talking about energy efficient buildings and passive house standards but most of them still use inappropriate bracket materials like timber or steel, when the windows need to be shifted beyond the walls. 

Why not use a certified bracket system, which minimises the risk of thermal bridging?


The window bracket system is available for various cantilever between 70mm and 230mm; every single depth is certified.

Please note that you need the Hybrid Polymer Mastic and suitable concrete screws to install the window bracket system.



• 100 % recyclable

• 100 % HCFC, HFC and HBCD-free

• High-density (expanded) polystyrene

• Infinitely extensible by dovetailing


• Load transfer of 200kg  


For further specifications and technical details, please feel free to get in contact with us.




Bracket for windows


  • 1 kg
  • Available
  • Delivery within 1-3 days