Adhesive for Window Tape, 310ml Tube or 600ml Sausage


The KONTEX® Window Tape Adhesive is made to connect the standard window tapes to the masonry.

It is available in two different sizes - 310ml tubes for the conventional silicone gun and 600ml tubular bags for the special tube gun, which is available in our onlineshop as well.

The surface needs to be dry and dust-free before using the adhesive.

On wider tapes (120mm and wider), we recommend to do a zig-zag-line to achieve the best bonding results. The window tape should be pressed on afterwards by using a suitable squeegee or seam roller.

Based on our experience, the bonding of window tape by using separate window tape adhesive is the only way for a proper permanent bonding. The most self-sticking tapes are not suitable for conventional Irish blocks, because of their rough and uneven surface.




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