Blue Sealant for Air Tightness, 600ml


To minimise the construction waste, we supply our Blue Sealant now in 600ml tubular sausages only. 

In case you do not have a suitable caulking gun, please consider the purchase of our Caulking Guns for standard tubes and tubular sausage bags .


The Blue Sealant is especially made for the proper connection of airtight & vapour control membranes to the masonry or timber structure. It is suitable for the most types of building materials, like concrete, bricks, plasterboard, plaster, timber, steel and many others.

The Blue Sealant is temperature resistant from -20°C to +90°C.


You can see a short video about its incredible bonding performance here.


Our Blue Sealant can be used down to -10°C and on damp substrates. The sealant is suitable to bond all brands of window tapes to the blockwork too.


This sealant is similar to SIGA Primur, pro clima Orcon F or Gerband Fortax.


One tubular sausage bag of our Blue Sealant is suitable to seal 10 linear meters on average. (Based on our own experience and depending to the surface quality. Smooth surfaces require less sealant, rough surfaces will need more sealant).



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