Waterproof Coating, 1liter


Reinforced coating to achieve a 100% waterproofing on almost every substrate.

The perfect solution for repairs because it can be used on wet surfaces and even under water.

The Water Tight Coating creates a permanent and highly flexible protection film, which levels structural movement up to 10mm without cracks.

The coating can be applied by brush or trowel.


Application areas:

  • Roof Repairs (tiles, slates, ashfelt, cement fibre boards, metal sheeting, ...)
  • Waterproofing of joints at septic tanks
  • Waterproofing of joints around pipes, wires and other penetrations into the building structure
  • Gutter Repairs
  • Waterproofing of Caravans and Mobile Homes


Not suitable for polystyrene, not solvent-resistant. Not approved for the waterproofing of potable water cisterns and tanks.


Waterproof Coating, 1liter


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