External Window Tape


Yes, external window tape exists!

And this tape is important as the internal window tape, because the outer joints arround the window have to be sealed weatherproof but breathable. That guarantees the escape of potential dampness out of the construction and not into the building. Unfortunately the mostly used DPC is not breathable and totally inappropriate for a proper external window sealing.


Choose between different styles of external window tape for your individual need.

The plain external window tape has one adhesive strip for the fixing on the window frame. It has to be bonded to the masonry by using our Adhesive for Window Tapes

The self-adhesive external window tape has two adhesive strips on one side- on for the fixing on the window frame and a special power adhesive, which sticks on many substrates. There´s no need for a separate adhesive, but we only recommend this type for smooth surfaces e.g. plastered walls, timber structure or OSB.


All tapes are certified after German Building Regulations.

The external window tape covers the joints between the window frame and the masonry on the outer reveal. It prevents that moisture, caused by driving rain, intrudes into the construction and lets out dampness from the construction. KONTEX® Window Tapes for external sealings  can be easily painted or plastered over.


The tapes are available in various widths and lengths. If you´re looking for other dimensions as shown, please feel free to contact us.


Test results according to report 5115 / 7534-1 MPA Braunschweig, Germany

Water resistance test:                            passed / DIN EN 1928

Water tightness test:                              passed / DIN EN 1928

Water vapour permeability test:            SD = 0.07 / DIN EN ISO 12572

Fire behavior test :                                passed / DIN 4102-B2

Airtightness test:                                   passed / DIN 4108 Part 7




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