Air Tight Paint, sprayable, 10 liter


We highly recommend an airless spray device with certain specs for the application of Belgacoat Spray. If you´re in need of details, please contact us.


BelgaCoat SPRAY is a polymer paste, which creates an air tight and vapour resistant cover after drying.

Due to the application with an airless spray device,  BelgaCoat SPRAY is mostly used for commercial projects. This version is perfect to cover all sprayable air tight membrane applications from floor-to-wall junctions to complete envelope areas.

It has a good adhesion to the most substrates (even slightly moist surfaces) and can be painted or plastered after complete drying.


The air tight paint is available in two colours:

1.  dark blue, which turns black after full drying - for all concealed areas

2. white - for all areas, which get a finishing paint or skim coat only


The sprayable air tight paint BelgaCoat SPRAY is made for contractors, having gained experience with the use of Blower Proof Spray On or Soudatight SP already.


EMICODE: EC 1 plus - very low emmission


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BelgaCoat Spray


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