Heat-resistant Grommet for twin-wall chimney flues

Many airtight installers do not have a solution, how to get a twin-wall chimney flue sealed air-tight.

The direct application to the flue is not recommended, because most of the membranes and tapes have a maximum temperature resistance of +80°C. Unfortunately the temperatures of the flue could reach higher temperatures easily.


Our heat-resistant grommet is made for temperatures up to +250°Celsius. The self-adhesive collar sticks easily to all kind of airtight & vapour control membranes. For applications to blockwork we highly recommend the use of our butyl version.


This heat-resistant airtight grommet, which is designed and manufactured in Germany, is approved by independet German testing agencies GTÜ and TÜV.


Available in various widths for all types of twin-wall chimney flues.

Please expect a delivery time of roughly 7-10 working days.




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  • Delivery in 5-8 days