Air Tight Paint SOUDAL Soudatight LQ, 5 liter



Soudal Soudatight LQ is a fibre reinforced polymer paste, which creates an air tight and vapour resistant cover after drying.

Due to the reinforced fibre components, Soudal Soudatight LQ can bridge cracks up to 2mm.

It has a good adhesion to the most substrates (even moist surfaces) and can be painted or plastered after complete drying.

Soudal Soudatight LQ can be easily applied by brush. The average consumption is between 500 gramm and 1,000 gramm per square meter, depending on the substrate.

The air tight paint is available in two colours:

1.  dark blue, which turns black after full drying - for all concealed areas

2. white - for all areas, which get a finishing paint or skim coat only


We highly recommend the air tight paint for all hard-to-reach areas on the building envelope,  to achieve the required air tightness. E.g. above suspended ceilings, perimeter blocks, chasings for conduits, .....




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