Breather Membrane Strong, 160g/m², 1.5x50m, CE certified


The Breather Membrane Strong is a four-layer vapour-permeable roof membrane, made of two layers of polypropylene nonwoven, reinforcing mesh and a functional film which ensures high vapour-permeability and water-tightness of the underlay. The membrane contains special stabilization additives which allow to perform assembly of the final roof covering with considerable delay.


The Breather Membrane Strong is a serious alternative for the replacement of Tyvek SUPRO or Fakro S65.


Dimension: 1.5 x 50m / 75m²

sd value: 0.02

Vapour-permeability: 3,000 g/m²/24h

Weight: ~160 gr. /m²

Water Tightness: W1

UV Resistance: up to 4 months

Weight per roll: ~12.0 kg


Tensile Strength MD: ≤370N/50mm

Tensile Strength CD: ≤430N/50mm

Tear Resistance MD: ≤340N

Tear Resistance CD:  ≤390N




  • 12.5 kg
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  • Delivery within 1-3 days