Ductless HRV by SEVentilation

SEVi 160 ductless Heat Recovery Ventilation
Operating Principle of SEVi Ductless Heat Recovery Ventilation Units

The principle

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The advantages

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The manufacturer

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SEVentilation ductless hrv units do not require traditional ducting. This is due to every single unit being equipped with it´s own heat buffer eliminating the need for additional ducting or suspended ceilings in your house or to hire specialists to clean out the entire system on a regular cycle.

Depending on your room size you may need only one set for the area you wish to ventilate. The units are fitted to an exterior wall and operate in synchronisation with each other. One sucks in fresh air whilst the other blows stale air out of the room and they then switch function every 75 seconds, using the heat from the expelled air to warm the fresh incoming air.

The heat recovery performance is up to 90%, which means the stale air leaves the room with a temperature of 20° Celsius and the fresh air returns into the room with 18° Celsius. Compared with other ventilation strategies (purging, trickle vents, DCV), you´ll save heating energy and money because the incoming fresh air is already preheated.

SEVi ductless HRV-Systems are easy to install and maintain. Every HRV-Unit runs on 12V DC and all required maintenance can be done by yourself. For example - the heat buffer is built for cleaning in a domestic dishwasher. And there´s no risk of cultivating germs and bacterias in hard-to-reach (and hard-to-clean) ducting.

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  • easy installation, no extensive ducting required (perfect for retrofit)
  • no penetration of airtight & vapour control membranes
  • low energy consumption because of low Wattage units
  • safe ventilation units (12V DC)
  • easy maintenance, no specialists required
  • high heat recovery performance (up to 90%)
  • a dehumidification effect for your internal room air
  • a certified system, engineered and manufactured in Germany
  • more than 15,000 units in operation without complaints 
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manufacturing facility of SEVentilation, the specialist for ductless ventilation
Ductless HRV made in Germany

Save Energy Ventilation


From the start in 2010 the aim of the company is, to supply high-quality and affordable products to reduce energy consumption.

SEVentilation is an owner-operated German company, located in Thuringia, the green heart of Germany. 


More than 30 employees secure the supply of ductless hrv products to clients in Germany, Europe and Asia.

The company runs own test and research facilities for the continuous development of their products.

All Seventilation products are certified by DIBt, the mandatory German testing body for building products. Furthermore they have been independently tested by various German institutes like TZWL e.V. , ift or IGTE in regards to heat recovery perfomance, sound proofing and energy consumption.



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