Extractor Fan Systems

Extractor fans remove moisture and odours in a controlled manner out of the building. They will mostly used for wet rooms like toilets, utility rooms or bathrooms.

A 100 Extractor Fan System

  • 100mm pipe diameter
  • up to 4m duct work
  • 67 m³/h
  • 9 Watt power input
  • various control options (timer, humidity, PIR)

A 160 Extractor Fan System

  • 160mm pipe diameter
  • for external walls
  • 67 m³/h
  • 7 Watt power input
  • integrated humidity sensor

A 80 Extractor Fan System

  • 80mm pipe diameter
  • for inlying rooms
  • 60 m³/h
  • 11 Watt power input
  • follow-up control

Please feel free to ask for more details to select the right extractor fan system for your requirements.