ALD 160 Background Ventilation

Every modern dwelling requires a ventilation strategy, to supply the occupiers with fresh clean air in a permanent way. The former natural ventilation through leaking windows and doors and other joints and gaps in the building fabric does not exist anymore, because of well insulated and air tight buildings.


In comparison to standard background ventilation sytems, the ALD 160  background vent comes with the same advanced external hood and internal cover like the SEVi 160 ductless HRV unit. 

The external hood is made of metal and allows the air intake at the bottom only. The internal cover has an integrated filter and a controlled air outlet at the top, which prevents direct draughts. An integrated foam matt improves the sound insulation and the self-operating flap closes the system in case of breeze. 


To ensure the intake of fresh air through the background vents even on calm days, we recommend the operation in conjunction with extractor fans, which run on interval or permanent low extracting mode.


The biggest advantage of the ALD 160 background ventilation system is the fact, that it can be easily upgraded into a full SEVi Ductless HRV System in your own time.

We highly recommend to install the required wiring for the hrv unit in the beginning, to make this conversion as convenient as possible.