Extractor Fan Systems

Extractor fans remove moisture and odours in a controlled manner out of the building. They will mostly used for wet rooms like toilets, utility rooms or bathrooms.

A 100 Extractor Fan System

  • 100mm pipe diameter
  • up to 4m duct work
  • 67 m³/h
  • 9 Watt power input
  • various control options (timer, humidity, PIR)

A 160 Extractor Fan System

  • 160mm pipe diameter
  • for external walls
  • 67 m³/h
  • 7 Watt power input
  • integrated humidity sensor

A 80 Extractor Fan System

  • 80mm pipe diameter
  • for inlying rooms
  • 60 m³/h
  • 11 Watt power input
  • follow-up control

SEVi Duo Mini - Extractor Fan System with Heat Recovery

SEVi Duo Mini Extractor Fan with Heat Recovery

The SEVi Duo Mini was developed to optimize the energy performance for wet rooms like bath rooms, En Suites, WC´s or utility rooms. It does single room ventilation with continuous extraction & fresh air supply and achieves a heat recovery rate of up to 85%.

Technical Specifications:

  • up to 85% Heat Recovery Performance
  • 7m³/h / 9m³/h / 11m³/h / 16m³/h Air Flow Rates in Heat Recovery Mode
  • 48m³/h Air Flow Rate in Extract Mode
  • 10 W maximum power input
  • 12 V DC supply voltage
  • integrated G3 filters
  • 160mm diameter
  • 200mm minimum wall thickness
  • closable internal cover with noise insulation
  • requires a control unit (SEC 20 BF or SEC Touch)

Please feel free to ask for more details to select the right extractor fan system for your requirements.