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What´s the secret behind prodomo Ireland?

Everyone knows someone who seems to be educated about constrution details. Unfortunately it is mostly just superficial knowledge.

We guarantee you the best performance for your building and the prevention of constructional faults by choosing our products or consultation service.

Here are some photos about the everyday madness of preventable mistakes on buildings:

Believe it or not - all photos were taken in different Irish homes with an age of less than 10 years

Hi, I´m Philip - the founder and owner of prodomo Ireland.

I´m a native German and have lived in Ireland since summer 2012. The uniqueness of the Emerald Isle fascinated me since my first holiday trip in 1994. After more than 20 visits I decided to leave Germany and settle in The Kingdom of Kerry.

I was self-employed in the German construction business for more than 15 years. Mostly I´ve worked doing 2nd fixing carpentry work and was specialising in airtight sealings and highly efficient insulation solutions.


I also got the chance to work as CTO (chief technical officer) in a property management company during my last four years in Germany. This task deepened my already existing knowledge of building maintenance and energy savings.


I believe in the necessety of high quality work to get the best performance out of every building. We´re all spending plenty of our lifetime inside of our houses, mostly to have a sheltered place to live. We want a secure, cosy and well maintained spot to enjoy our live. Think about the proverb "My home is my castle", but think in the right way. The occupants should get this feeling instead of the observers!

prodomo Ireland offers proper consultation for your house

Beside our sophisticated products we offer a full consultation service for your building.

No matter if you want to build a new house, buying an existing property or planning a refurbishment.

If you want to prevent mistakes during the building stage, heat-loss and thermal bridges, energy wasting and serious damages on your building structure you should get in contact with us.

We use technologies like thermal imaging, underpressure and endoscopy for a proper examination of your building.

Our prices are very competitive compared to the effort you´ll achieve and our experience is hard to beat.

Get all news  and information about renewable energies, sustainable solutions and latest technologies, like LED lighting, pv solar panels, SCANHEAT solar energy panels, SCANHEAT heat pumps, hrv-systems, airtight solutions for all kind of buildings at prodomo Ireland, Tralee, Co. Kerry. Save on your energy bills by using these affordable solutions instead of wasting kerosene or electricity. Reduce your carbon footprint by using new technologies instead of burning oil! We´re selling affordable and reliable solutions for all kind of buildings, no matter where you live. We  cover mainly the whole  Munster area (Kerry, Limerick, Clare, Cork, Tipperary and Waterford), but we´re able to deliver and fit our products in Leinster, Ulster and Connaught as well. Our online shop is 24/7 available and offers bargains on LED bulbs, pv solar panels, SCANHEAT solar energy panels, hrv-systems, airtight membranes and airtight tapes. Profit of our wide range of experience in property maintenance management and our passion in building restoration and improvement. We´re offering latest technologies and solutions, mostly made in Germany. No matter if you´re in need of a new master key system, special fittings and fixings, unique craftsmen tools or other hard-to-find products - prodomo Ireland will get it for you and your building. Our solutions are made for houses, house extensions, conservatories, granny flats, sheds, garages, holiday homes, log homes, mobile homes, camper vans, motor homes, caravans, warehouses, office buildings, public buildings, council houses, apartments, shop units.

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