Heat Pump + Air Tightness + HRV          = Efficiency

The energy efficiency of dwellings is one of the key facts nowadays.


Most of the owners want to install underfloor heating systems and consider the use of heat pump technology instead of the outdated oil boiler. It makes perfect sense, to run the heating on lower supply temperatures, because every degree Celsius less will save you money every winter.


The better insulated and air tight your building is, the more you can benefit of the advantages of the underfloor heating & heat pump.


What you definitely need on top is a proper ventilation strategy, to ensure the fresh air supply on an efficient way. The conventional way of ventilation - by opening the windows - will decrease the entire energy efficiency of your building in the winter time because of the amount of cold air, you transfer into your house. Therefore a mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation System is one of the required installations in new houses too.


We highly recommend to create a complete strategy for underfloor/ heat pump/ insulation/ air tightness and heat recovery ventilation in the beginning of your building activities and get all involved parties into a permanent dialog to achieve the best performance for your home at the end.


When you sort the market for underfloor heating, heat pumps & heat recovery ventilation, it could make sense to select a partner who offers the entire package. We recommend the German manufacturer Waterkotte because they do heat pumps and associated technologies only for more than 40 years.


If you´re interested in further details, please visit the website of Nutherm Ltd. - the sole Irish distributur of Waterkotte Heat Pumps.