14. May 2019
A common practice for air tightness here in Ireland is, to wrap the hollow core slab with air tight membrane. Attention is needed for some details, to achieve the best possible air tightness performance.

05. April 2019
Not every air tight tape is suitable for window taping. Standard tapes, as seen on the left side of the photo do have disadvantages.

02. March 2019
Multifoils like SuperQuilt are becoming more popular for insulation applications. Because of their high vapour resistance attention is needed, when installing such layers to standard roof structures, made of timber.

20. February 2019
This detail can be found in many houses during the construction stage. I guess that in the most cases someone will put the window board or the kitchen work top on top and everything is covered. The occupier is wondering thereafter where the draughts around the window do come from.....

22. January 2019
To achieve the best cell structure for our air tight & water tight foams, attention is needed to details like humidity and temperature.

02. January 2019
From 01/01/2019 the revised Building Regulation for Connservation of Fuel and Energy (Part L) requires lower maximum values for the air permeability of new buildings and deep retrofits. We think it´s a first step into the right direction, but the mandatory values for air tightness are still too high, especially for common technologies like heat pumps and heat recovery ventilation. Our aim is and will remain max. 1.5 ACH (air changes per hour), wherever we´re involved in the air tightness.

14. December 2018
Please notice the last shipping for online orders will be made on Wednesday, 19/12/2018. Orders thereafter will be shipped on Wednesday, 02/01/2019 due to a business break of our shipping partner GLS from 24/12/2018 until 01/01/2019. GLS will need this Thursday and Friday to ensure the delivery of all shipped parcels within Ireland. Local customers can collect their orders between Christmas and New Years Eve in our store in Tralee.
30. November 2018
I´m astonished everytime about the ignorance (or is it lack of knowledge maybe) of some Irish companies, working in the construction trade. For what purpose have been the building regulations introduced, beside ignoring?

06. November 2018
As already stated before - modern windows require a certain fitting standard, to develop their full insulation performance. Take more attention to the installation work, to prevent an unwanted window change after a short period. A good window with proper fitting will last for 30 years and longer. Prevent the replacement of so called "future proof windows" after 10 years, caused by poor fitting standards

23. October 2018
It´s not a particular brand, which ensures a good air tightness performance of your building - it´s the way you install the air tight layer and how you take attantion to the details.

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