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20. February 2019
This detail can be found in many houses during the construction stage. I guess that in the most cases someone will put the window board or the kitchen work top on top and everything is covered. The occupier is wondering thereafter where the draughts around the window do come from.....

23. October 2018
It´s not a particular brand, which ensures a good air tightness performance of your building - it´s the way you install the air tight layer and how you take attantion to the details.

05. April 2018
This compendium is a must for all window companies and air tight installers, to achieve the best performance for windows and doors.

09. February 2018
The "inventor" and creator of the air tight detail in the photo has probably never heard about KISS - "Keep it simple stupid"

21. August 2017
Because of lack of independent associations or organisations for air tightness here in Ireland, we decided to become a member of the German Air Tight Society for Construction (FLiB e.V.). Our aim is, to provide tested air tight strategies and details for our clients here in Ireland. To achieve a good air tight value for your new build, we highly recommend to create a detailed air tight strategy as early as possible. Ideally before you start the first physical work at your house.
24. May 2017
The above photos are showing more or less the average quality of Irish window installations. There is mostly the mentality of "banging the windows in" still. As a result the most clients get joints around the windows, which are too tight to insulate them in the right way and window straps, which obstruct a proper installation of window sealing tapes. It´s getting even more difficult, whenever the client wants to use insulated slabs in the reveals, because the straps are blocking a straight...