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05. April 2017
The most window fitters nowadays are still using various mastics, to seal the joint between the window cill and the window frame. They apply a thinner or thicker line of mastic to the cill and (whenever they´re more keen in the details) another line to the frame. So far, so good, but what happens during the installation? The window frame gets adjusted and leveled and even the weight of frame itself mostly squashs this sealant layer down to an almost unnoticeable barrier against heat loss and...

12. November 2016
Penetrations of the vapour control layer need special attention regarding a permanent functional sealing. Some manufacturers are offering special grommets for the sealing of HRV ducts. Most of them are great but beside the cost factor, who stocks all the different sizes permanently? I did plenty of attempts how to seal the HRV ducts on an easy, affordable and save way. At the end, I found a solution by optimising the so called "flake bonding". By applying a total of 3 layers of air tight tape,...

14. September 2016
We supply air tight attic hatches with very good insulation value for accessing crawl spaces or attics. They are available as fire rated versions (EI30 &EI60) as well.

Leakages on a spray foam insulated roof
11. May 2016
First of all, I need to state that I usually have no issue regarding spray foam insulation. It definitely has advantages and disadvantages as every insulation material. I´m just concerned about statements of some spray foam companies and manufacturers regarding the airtightness of their product. The photo above shows a pitched roof area where spray foam has been installed in between the rafters and insulated boards were screwed on top. A membrane wasn´t used, because of the "airtight...

09. February 2015
To be honest - when I´ve seen the window fitting on the very left photo above for the first time, I was shocked. Joints of almost 4 inches arround the window and fitting straps which prevent a proper sealing, because they weren´t bent on the right way. But every new job is a challenge and I want to create the best results for my customers. That´s why we removed the straps first step by step and done a 90 degree bending before refitting. Than we filled the gaps properly with expanding foam,...

16. January 2015
prodomo Ireland is one of the best choices for a professional consulting in advance and the supply and fitting of reliable and affordable solutions afterwards. Think about what you need and what we offer - we don´t have the tunnel-view just by supplying only one product category. If we do you an offer for the proper sealing we definitely take notice about other jobs like heating or ventilation. No matter if you want to buy these products from us as well or elsewhere. We treat your building...

18. December 2014
We offer a Blower Door pre-test to guarantee the quality of our airtight work and to ensure the standards for getting the requested BER certificate afterwards. Please feel free to ask for details.

26. October 2014
The best passive house rated doors and windows are pointless without a proper fitting and sealing. The property owner was thinking of filling the cavity between the doorframe and the blocks by using concrete. He can do this now, after we installed an insulation layer and a sealing to prevent rising damp.