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02. March 2019
Multifoils like SuperQuilt are becoming more popular for insulation applications. Because of their high vapour resistance attention is needed, when installing such layers to standard roof structures, made of timber.

12. February 2018
To prevent damages at your building structure, you even need to have a good ventilation strategy during the building stage. Plenty of dampness, caused by rain and water-based building technologies (e.g. plastering), can create mould and rot.

27. November 2016
There´s no universal solution available for insulation upgrade and refurbishment. Many home owners have been selected insulated plasterboard sheets to improve the insulation of their existing houses, and even a certain amount of new buildings get the "insulated slabs" installed to the external walls. By doing an internal wall insulation, you should make a survey upfront, regarding the risk of interstitial condensation. The trouble of the most standard insulation products is the fact of cooling...

Leakages on a spray foam insulated roof
11. May 2016
First of all, I need to state that I usually have no issue regarding spray foam insulation. It definitely has advantages and disadvantages as every insulation material. I´m just concerned about statements of some spray foam companies and manufacturers regarding the airtightness of their product. The photo above shows a pitched roof area where spray foam has been installed in between the rafters and insulated boards were screwed on top. A membrane wasn´t used, because of the "airtight...