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20. February 2017
It´s everytime the same frustrating result when it comes to cavity wall insulation. I completely disagree with statements from authorities like SEAI " ...if the house has cavity walls, the application of insulation within the cavity is generally the most cost-effective solution, where the walls are suitable for this solution." Beside the fact that I haven´t seen a 100% insulated house, by pumping/ blowing beads into the cavity, the (more or less) complete filling of cavities works completely...

Dampness during the contruction stage will cause trouble during winter
15. January 2016
Please consider the low temperatures at the moment which rise the risk of condensation. Irish plasterers do great internal plastering works but during their work, they bring plenty of dampness into the building. Despite the installation of vapour membranes upfront, the moisture in the attic rises significantly and can create damages on the insulation material and building structure. There are two reasons for: No. 1 - We mostly use vapour retarders because we want to achieve a low difussion...

23. December 2015
Aluminium layer insulation like Gen-X becomes more popular. The thin layer of high-tech insulation is a good alternative whenever the space for insulation is restricted. Another benefit is the included airtight layer. Unfortunately this function can cause problems whenever the insulation is installed messy. Due to the high air and vapour tightness of the aluminium, every joint needs to be taped 100%. Otherwise you create the risk of a "dampness-trap", because dampness can pass through unsealed...

26. October 2014
The best passive house rated doors and windows are pointless without a proper fitting and sealing. The property owner was thinking of filling the cavity between the doorframe and the blocks by using concrete. He can do this now, after we installed an insulation layer and a sealing to prevent rising damp.