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09. February 2017
Many residents here in Ireland are struggling with mould and dampness every winter. The most of them are pretty frustrated because they got new windows installed, the cavity wall pumped and the attic properly insulated. And now it seems, that the trouble with the black spots on top of the wall is getting even worse than before. Was it the wrong way, to invest in the new insulation materials? Definitely not (except you´re the proud owner of an old cottage) . But there is a weak spot in your...

16. January 2015
prodomo Ireland is one of the best choices for a professional consulting in advance and the supply and fitting of reliable and affordable solutions afterwards. Think about what you need and what we offer - we don´t have the tunnel-view just by supplying only one product category. If we do you an offer for the proper sealing we definitely take notice about other jobs like heating or ventilation. No matter if you want to buy these products from us as well or elsewhere. We treat your building...

26. October 2014
The best passive house rated doors and windows are pointless without a proper fitting and sealing. The property owner was thinking of filling the cavity between the doorframe and the blocks by using concrete. He can do this now, after we installed an insulation layer and a sealing to prevent rising damp.