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26. December 2015
Timber frame windows need special attention regarding maintenance. Especially the external coating is in need of special care. The weakest part is the frame piece direct underneath the glazing. We have special aluminium strips in different colours on offer for a long lasting protection of this frame part.

09. February 2015
To be honest - when I´ve seen the window fitting on the very left photo above for the first time, I was shocked. Joints of almost 4 inches arround the window and fitting straps which prevent a proper sealing, because they weren´t bent on the right way. But every new job is a challenge and I want to create the best results for my customers. That´s why we removed the straps first step by step and done a 90 degree bending before refitting. Than we filled the gaps properly with expanding foam,...

03. December 2014
A huge Irish window manufacturer is not getting tired of screaming out the supply of 5 passive house certified window systems. That sounds great, but what does it mean? Unfortunately it means only that the passive house certified window system meets the criterias for a passive house window as tested in the laboratory. One important point was absolutely not mentioned or tested for the certification - the proper fitting. To get an idea how important the fitting is, just have a look on the photo...