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06. November 2018
As already stated before - modern windows require a certain fitting standard, to develop their full insulation performance. Take more attention to the installation work, to prevent an unwanted window change after a short period. A good window with proper fitting will last for 30 years and longer. Prevent the replacement of so called "future proof windows" after 10 years, caused by poor fitting standards

24. May 2017
The above photos are showing more or less the average quality of Irish window installations. There is mostly the mentality of "banging the windows in" still. As a result the most clients get joints around the windows, which are too tight to insulate them in the right way and window straps, which obstruct a proper installation of window sealing tapes. It´s getting even more difficult, whenever the client wants to use insulated slabs in the reveals, because the straps are blocking a straight...