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17. September 2020
Preparation is the key when it comes to the successfull window taping for air tightness. Unfortunately the most windows in Ireland will be installed as seen on the photo. No matter what brand you use for your airtightness around the window - you definitely have to pay attention to details to be successful with your air tightness.

19. February 2020
It can be pretty time consuming to explain all the important details for window taping. Fortunately we can show with just 1 picture, what you should prevent.

05. April 2019
Not every air tight tape is suitable for window taping. Standard tapes, as seen on the left side of the photo do have disadvantages.

20. February 2019
This detail can be found in many houses during the construction stage. I guess that in the most cases someone will put the window board or the kitchen work top on top and everything is covered. The occupier is wondering thereafter where the draughts around the window do come from.....

06. November 2018
As already stated before - modern windows require a certain fitting standard, to develop their full insulation performance. Take more attention to the installation work, to prevent an unwanted window change after a short period. A good window with proper fitting will last for 30 years and longer. Prevent the replacement of so called "future proof windows" after 10 years, caused by poor fitting standards