Why you should use thermal brackets


The thermal image was taken in an existing building, where no further attention was taken during the building stage towards thermal bridging at threshold level. 


As you can clearly see, the entire reveal is much colder (blue) in comparison to the pleasant temperature of the adjacent floor, which is equipped with an underfloor heating system.

What needs to be considered for door & window supports?

Load Transfer

The weight of the door or window must be transferred into the building structure, to ensure the functional performances like open/close, rain shelter and storm protection.

Insulation Performance

The good u-values of doors & windows will be noticeable degraded by thermal bridging, caused by the use of highly heat-conductive  materials like concrete or steel. 

Secure Installation

The best designed theoretical installation strategy is useless if she can´t brought forward into reality. Efficiency and straightforwardness are the main keys on site.

How can it be achieved?