All about Air Tightness, Ductless HRV and Energy Saving

A warm welcome at prodomo Ireland.

"pro domo" is a latin phrase and means "for the house"


You can expect groundbreaking products and technologies to prevent cold, dampness and waste of heating energy in your building. No matter if you´re looking for consultation, supply of suitable products or the complete installation work. 

You´ll definitely profit of German experience and thoroughness when it comes to

Air Tightness & Building Sealing

Ductless HRV Systems

Building Efficiency

Our clients:

Architects / Engineers

Get consultation regarding state of the art when it comes to building sealing solutions (airtightness & more), ductless HRV and wood fibre board insulation.

We also offer quality control checks, full air tight tests and leakage detection to ensure the highest standard for your client buildings.

Builders / Tradesmen

Find a wide range of products and solutions to meet all requirements for your client´s needs.

Furthermore you can get coachings how to apply air tight products the right way.

In case you prefer an installation service as well, please expect high quality workmanship for fair prices.



Private Clients / Self Builders

No matter if you´re struggling with an existing home or new-build, we are always there to support you. You decide what you get: consultation only, supply only or supply & installation.

We know what you need and how to achieve the best performance for your home.

We support self builders

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