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Welcome to prodomo Ireland.

Your specialist for air tightness, ductless hrv and thermal brackets.

("pro domo" is a latin phrase and means "for the house")

Get the consultation, you deserve, for air tightness, vapour control & water tight sealing, ductless HRV and energy saving.

We also offer project management for new builds and renovation projects  to ensure the best standard and most common practice for your home.


Self-Builders, Tradesmen & Builders do engage with prodomo Ireland because of our comprehensive  product range for all kind of air tightness products and solutions.

Furthermore our clients do appreciate the full technical support, they get before and after their purchase.


As a qualified tester for air tightness (I.S. EN ISO 9972) we perform provisional air tightness tests as well as final tests for inclusion in BER.

We also provide a special testing service for existing buildings, to detect all reasons for heat loss and draughts by using thermal imaging technology.

We deliver products and solutions to Irish clients since more than five years when it comes to air tightness and ductless heat recovery ventilation.

To allow clients all over Ireland to benefit of our knowledge, experience and "Teutonic thoroughness", we´re focused on consultation and supply of air tightness products & strategies.