Air Tightness affects your building performance


Everyone is talking about air tightness but only a few people know the meaning and the facts about complete building sealing:

  • Air Tightness is just one part of a proper building sealing
  • An efficient vapour control function is equally important
  • An additional external wind tight sealing should be created on the roof structure
  • An external water-tight sealing on the foundation level should be considered as well


The sense of a complete building sealing solution is, to protect your home against draught, dampness and heat-loss.

Modern houses nowadays mostly want to gain from the benefits of under floor heating, heat pumps and heat recovery ventilation. It is a fact, that these systems do not work in an efficient way, whenever the house does not provide a good value for air tightness.


The air change rate at 50Pa differential pressure (ACH@50Pa) should not exceed a value of 1.5. This means nothing else than the complete air in the building gets changed 1.5 times per hour through leakages in the building envelope, whenever a wind with a speed of roughly 36km/h is constantly blowing .


To save energy and ensure a controlled ventilation, it is absolutely essential to plan and create and monitor a full working air tight layer for your house.


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